I think.  A lot.  In fact, I spend most of my conscious time having thoughts.  I think some of them are interesting and worth sharing, hence, this weblog.  I’m hoping to form a group of subscribers and turn it into a suicidal cult (We ponder it, but decide life is actually worth living despite the pain.  And drink regular Cool Aid.  The purple kind.).

To use an analogy (which are like people who use analogies – fucking awesome), most of these are much like a television programme.  They have one direct point, one direct focus.  Whether it be humor, politics, or lolcats, they don’t deviate – it’s the same thing.

This one is more like a television network.  That is to say, I have political musings, so some posts are serious and political.  Some are spiritual.  Some are merely sarcastic and a failed attempt to be humorous.  And yes, I may even post memes now and again.  Essentially, you’ll never know what you’re going to get, and this thing really has no thesis.  It just is.  Much like Bieber Fever.

So, I hope you subscribe by e-mail on the left, or right, or bottom depending on what theme I’m using when you read this.

Take the red pill and witness the Codex.  Because the blue one is a suppository.


Besides general humor, political, philosophical, or spiritual posts – I have some reoccurring segments.


The Art of Nonsense – A matter of critical thinking, and debunking or exposing the illogical.  Essentially, a text version of Penn & Teller’s show “Bullshit!” with less sarcasm and condescension.

Music Monday – A weekly Monday post of whatever brilliant music I feel like sharing at the time.  If you subscribe by e-mail, the youtube video will not appear in the e-mail version, you’ll have to come to the page.

Meme of the Week – Each Wednesday, I post whatever humorous or clever internet meme that passes my way.  I’m not sure, but photos may be the same as youtube videos and not appear in the e-mails – you’ll have to see.

Funky Friday – An Andy Rooney type humour post where I’m less egocentric, more goofy, and more vulgar.


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