Why did the anarchist drink herbal tea? Because proper tea is theft!

Seeing as one use of this blog is general commentary on things in the world, I feel I should make it clear early on where I stand – after years of exploring political ideologies of all sorts since I was a teenager, I ended up settling on one political philosophy which – to me – makes the most sense and would be the most beneficial.  I am an anarchist, a green anarchist in particular.  I am also a pacifist, which largely has lent me to anarchism – seeing as essentially, all this means is I am against systems of hierarchy because they rely on violent coercion to function.

This isn’t to say I believe in political nihilism – complete chaos.  I believe in order, just egalitarian order, based on free association without violent coercion.  I believe in challenging all authorities in an attempt to recognise whether they are legitimate or not (I would argue, most are not).  Throwing molotov cocktails into a Starbucks (or general property damage) is also not something I subscribe to, and in fact, see it as misguided and more about expelling frustration rather than doing something proactive.  I believe by disassociating with the modern economy, forming local co-ops and basically refuting the legitimacy of the state – an entirely non-violent movement which harms no one and destroys nothing – not only would work, but is the necessary method.

While I will explore the topic further in a future post, I feel I should explain what green anarchism in particular is.  I am not a full scale anarcho-primitivist (against all technology and for a return to a hunter-gatherer way of living), though I am a “Neo-Luddite” of sorts in the sense that I am against virtually all technology, and against civilisation (which is defined by the rise of cities.  This means – I believe every landbase/social location should be, in every way, self-sustainable, and sustainable in terms of the environment).

I establish this because I feel it is important to understand the perspective from which I’m coming, in order to better assess the things I say on here.  Also to establish that my use of this blog is a matter of the social context in which I live and am addressing, and using that, rather than pretending some kind of green anarchist society currently exists.  Probably the first claim against me when I admit my philosophical position is that I am a hypocrite – here I am, someone against virtually all technology (as virtually all of it is bad for the environment due to being unsustainable with the planet to produce), using a computer, and the internet (which are part of the long list of things I think need to go).  However, I do not see this as hypocritical – being that I do live in this current society, in this current culture, I am of the opinion that so long as such things do exist, it would make the most sense for me to use them toward proactive ends until they no longer exist.  Just as I would not expect a laissez-faire capitalist to not participate in a workers cooperative in some kind of socialist society.  My thought – as long as it’s there, use it toward the most proactive ends possible.  Which is why I see no contradiction in blogging.

This leads into some deeper concepts I may address.  I’m sure posts will come along where I’m speaking of law, what laws “should” or “shouldn’t” exist or such things.  Again, this is a matter of context.  While ultimately I am for a radically different system of egalitarian order, I don’t live in such a society.  And as long as this society exists, I, then, think there need to be things within it until the day it ceases to exist.  For example, since we aren’t in an anarchist society, I advocate for minimum wage laws that are a living wage – because I’m addressing reality relative to what currently is.  And before anyone makes any assumptions – I do not support any mainstream politicians or political parties.  Right versus left in modern politics is an illusory concept, it’s all about how they can do best by those who fund their campaigns.  So I’m not going to be on about supporting candidates or parties, though I likely may advocate policies.

Think I’m a hypocrite if you like, I take no offence.  I simply see myself as pro-actively addressing what is, in the now, until a day when a more ideal society comes along.