The vast majority of people in general would not refute that “white pride” is not only clearly racist, but morally atrocious.  Given that, this post isn’t about the moral quantity (or lack thereof) of those who subscribe to “white pride,” because doing so isn’t even necessary.  It’s a challenge to the fact that, not only being obviously immoral, there are no logical arguments whatsoever for white pride, even (especially) for those who say “I’m proud to be white, but I’m not racist against people who aren’t” (which is just a cover-up for their actual racism).

The most prevalent argument for white pride that I’ve encountered is, “If people can have black pride, then I should be able to have white pride!”  What’s problematic is that this is incredibly over simplistic, and shows a complete lack of understanding behind the reason black pride (or gay pride, or any other similar pride) exists.  Pride, in terms of groups of people (in this example, black people) isn’t arbitrary or just pride for the sake of it.  It is directly a result of a shared history, and a shared social struggle.  Black people in America have very good reason to unite themselves in pride – their history is that that their ancestors were taken from their native culture, brought to the United States, and have – since that time – faced condemnation, oppression, and general racism due simply to their skin pigment.  Racism today is far from dead, ask any black person who drives a nice car or who has walked into a store which predominately sells expensive products.  All black people in the United States have directly faced racism.  I, being white, have never been impacted due to my skin colour.  And while I understand the nature of this, not being black, I can’t imagine or understand what that must be like for black people.  Certainly quite horrid and emotionally straining.

They have “pride” because of this unified history, and because of the problems they all face as a group today.  All that this “pride” happens to be is a sense of unity, and a sense of establishing to themselves, others in their community, and people in general that they are of equal worth to everyone else.  It’s a sense of “despite how we’re treated and have been treated, we aren’t inferior and we don’t let that make us feel inferior – rather, we’re proud.”  Basically, a stance in opposition to how they’ve been, and are, treated as less than equal.  This is the same, as I noted, for gay pride, or most other “pride.”  (“Straight pride” is equally as bigoted, nonsensical, and obnoxious – for the same reasons.)

This is where “white pride” completely fails to make any sense.  Those who espouse it often bring up their “European heritage,” despite the fact that there is no such thing as a unified culture and heritage that descendants of Europeans can claim.  To this day – where things are more global than ever, you can travel throughout Europe in all highly predominately white countries, and find that many of them are very culturally different from one another, despite being geographically incredibly close to one another.

Individuals of European descent that extends beyond one culture in one country do not have a shared heritage or background.  People who are purely French and people who are purely Irish have vastly different backgrounds in terms of ancestry and culture.  Beyond this, white people face no meaningful degree of racism in America.  Yes, every race has racism against them, but in western society it is the white race which faces it far less than any other race.  Even if you want to argue that affirmative action is racist (there is no such thing as “reverse-racism,” it’s either racist, or it isn’t), and I personally don’t, for the sake of argument – that’s the worst that it gets, which in comparison, white people are pretty lucky for the fact.  If you ask any minority about the bigotry and racism they’ve faced in life, particularly those of older generations, you’ll quickly find that racism white people in general face simply cannot be compared to any reasonable degree.  Therefore, white pride is based solely on skin pigmentation, inherently and simply reactionary to other, legitimate forms of pride – this, stemming from racism.

In fact, taking note of my pointing out the diversity in European cultures, there actually is something somewhat resembling white pride, which nobody claims is racist.  Unless you’re using it as an excuse to get blind pissed, many people use St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate Irish culture and heritage.  The same goes for German festivals, or any other European cultural celebration.  These are the only forms of pride relating to European history which make any logical sense, and they aren’t considered racist at all (nor should they be).  And considering they aren’t racist and there’s no logical reason to oppose them, they still make less sense than black or gay pride.  Irish Americans and French Americans have virtually no racism problem to deal with – it’s been enough time that the common struggle for equality has been lost, and even despite that, it’s still not racist.  If you think about it, that’s pretty culturally lenient.

And before anyone spouts that I’m just “ashamed to be white,” (an accusation I’ve faced when challenging the complete lack of logic in white pride) I am absolutely not ashamed to be white.  In fact, I think being white is pretty awesome – I don’t face anything near what blacks do due to their skin colour or sexual orientation.  In no way do I feel I’m better than anyone because I’m white, but I also have absolutely no shame in being white.  Yes, I’m sure many of my white ancestors were racist and did horrible things, and I know many white people are currently racist – but that has nothing to do with me – I can’t control that, I can only stand against it.  It makes no sense to be personally ashamed over something someone else did, or does.  I had no choice in my genetics or skin pigmentation, so considering, I have no reason to be ashamed of personal biology that I can’t control, nor do I have any reason to project any other race as being superior to my own.  We’re all of equal value, as far as I’m concerned.

I just try to live the best life I can, with the most compassion and understanding toward others as possible.  Getting caught up in other races having pride (and asserting my own) is a waste of my energy, time, and logic – and the only reason explainable to ever do it is to assert I have a higher value than minorities who have an actual shared history, particularly of being treated as less which extends all the way to the present.  And since I don’t see myself as being of higher value… it would be complete nonsense for me, or anyone else, to have white pride.